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About W Communi­cation Agency

About W

W Communication Agency is an international B2B agency specialising in strategic and creative communications within three sectors – Life Science, Industry and Technology.

Our job is to create strong brands and business opportunities for international B2B corporations and companies. We make R&D, technology or complex products and processes understandable, inspiring and attractive, just like we say in our company mantra – ‘Turning complexity into clarity’.

Whether the objective is to create awareness, position a brand, launch a product or a process, increase sales or align an internal organization around a specific subject – each assignment benefits from the know-how and experience from a highly skilled team with in-depth business understanding within our three sectors. And our clients know that they get first class creativity, efficient strategies and remarkably good service. Because that’s what we choose to put our energy into.

Our international network

The Comvort group is the world’s largest international network of independent, specialised, and owner-managed agencies, operating in all aspects of integrated marketing communication.

Being a member of Comvort gives us the power to implement and launch our clients’ brands in every major market in the world with quality, efficiency and speed. Thanks to Comvort, the W clients have direct access to communication experts in more than 100 agencies in over 48 countries, all around the world.

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To engage both hearts & minds

At W, we trade in creativity. The magic blend of great ideas and key insights come to life in our hands. In everything we do, we aim to inspire and engage – both the hearts and the minds of our clients and their customers.

Our company culture is built on four core values that permeate our work as well as our behaviour: curious, professional, committed and serving. This, together with ourconstant strive to offer top quality in everything we do is what separates W from the rest.

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