developing a visual identity for a clinical program

To increase awareness of the Sorento clinical program from Camurus, W developed a simple visual identity to support their communication of the study

Our Challenge

In Europe, Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) is a rare condition. Hence, studying the effects of a new clinical treatment in this patient population can be a challenge in terms of clinical trial recruitment and retention. In fact, more than 80% of cancer patients are unaware of clinical trial options1 and 1 in 3 patients have never heard of clinical trials!2

To increase the awareness of the Camurus clinical program in people with NETs. W was asked to develop a simple visual identity to support their efforts in communicating the start-up of their NET study.

1. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2000) 92 (19): 1556-1558
2. Judy Stone. How can we encourage participation in clinical trials 2015 (Forbes)

The Solution

SORENTO is an acronym for Subcutaneous Octreotide Randomized Efficacy in Neuroendocrine TumOrs. The SORENTO name is used by Camurus when talking about their clinical trial program in NETs. However, to ensure visual recognition, recall and retention of the SORENTO clinical trial program, Camurus needed an eye-catching visual identity (logo, font, and colors) when talking about the SORENTO trial to their target groups (trial investigators and patients with NETs).

Final Result

After investing time in understanding the condition and how the SORENTO branding would be used. W developed the SORENTO brand guidelines ‘one-pager’, which included the SORENTO logo, font and primary colors. These guidelines were then implemented across all the SORENTO clinical trial materials, e.g., trial overview materials, patient brochure, study visit guide, appointment reminder, etc.

Trial recruitment is on-going, and it is hoped that the eye-catching study materials will help Camurus hit their recruitment targets.

We are currently working with W on a brand that is already on the market, and we are very happy with that collaboration. We also know that W has in-depth knowledge of clinical development, and so we saw W as the perfect fit for this project.
Eva Panarese
Senior Marketing Director


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