Global launch & concept development

Concept creation at its best! Explore how W supported Sandvik in the Global launch of miners.

Our Challenge

When Sandvik Mining needed to globally launch its range of continuous miners, they came to W Communication Agency. W was asked to support with the development of a creative concept as well as ideas for deliverables and channels for distribution.

The Solution

The first phase of the project involved educating ourselves on the products, the application area, the target groups, key competitors, etc. W then developed and presented three creative concepts for the launch, as well as strategic and creative ideas for executing the launch. We wanted to create a concept very much rooted in the technical realities of the Sandvik Mining world. A concept that would appeal to the engineering mindset—a way of looking at the world that values no-nonsense explanations, and logical arguments backed by empirical evidence. An additional goal was to convey that not only are Sandvik Mining’s continuous miners top of the line and made with the best technology available, each machine comes with Sandvik Mining’s dedicated service support offer.

Thus emerged a creative concept we called THE MECHANICS OF… A campaignable umbrella concept connecting to the five key values our offering included:

  • Longer life
  • Lower cost
  • Being better
  • Excellence
  • Mining more

A holographic symbol was developed in connection with each value to create impact and recognition in various commercial materials.

Final Result

Sandvik has now launched its complete range of continuous miners globally with a concept that is not only visually differentiating from competitors, but emphasizes the real customer values that come with Sandvik Mining technology, machinery, and support.


  • Series of animated web banners
  • Sales brochure to convey the range of machines and their specific capabilties
  • Ad for industry-specific magazines
Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.
Joe Chernov
VP Marketing,


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