Innovation workshop

Explore how W supported Takeda in innovative thinking by facilitating a workshop to discuss how external stakeholders define pharmaceutical innovation

Our Challenge

As the pharmaceutical landscape becomes increasingly competitive, the definition of pharmaceutical innovation must evolve if new products are to address customer needs. Innovation can no longer be defined as a unique mode of action or formulation, unless we can clearly demonstrate the value of such innovations in terms of patient benefits and value for money. If we are to deliver products that address customer needs, internal stakeholders involved in drug development must have an innovative mind-set in the workplace.

The Solution

To support innovative thinking within Takeda R&D (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC), W facilitated a workshop attended by over 60 employees to discuss how the external stakeholders define pharmaceutical innovation and by implementing a few simple innovative thinking techniques we could create an innovative mind-set in the workplace.

Final Result

Based upon a mix of plenary presentations and group work, the CMC Innovation Facilitator team at Takeda was able to identify a number of tactical tools to create an innovation mind-set in the workplace.

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