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Symbicort® branding

See how W helped Astra Zeneca to develop a new brand “Masterfile” for one of their key brands in order to maintain a premium position

Our Challenge

AstraZeneca needed a new brand “Masterfile” for one of their key brands to maintain its premium position after loss of exclusivity (LoE) and to differentiate it from the generic brands. Masterfiles are often very comprehensive documents that communicate the fundamental story of the brand and can take several months to complete. However, in this case the strategy was already in place and our challenge was to update some content as well as package it for the global affiliates.

The Solution

Since W had been part of developing the visual identity and illustrations for Symbicort, we used this experience to fill and package a complete Masterfile that matched the simplicity of the therapy.

Final Result

A complete and professional Masterfile to inform and guide global affiliates and stakeholders on the brand vision, market opportunities, target groups, key insights and details on the graphic identity.


  • Brand Masterfile – strategy document
  • PPT Sales Aids
  • Sales brochures
  • Conference material

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