W Communication Agency

Life Science One Pager


Life science communications are built on a solid foundation of clinical data. At W, with our in-depth understanding of the life science landscape, we understand the importance of transforming clinical data into differentiated brand messages in order to influence customer behavior, whether it is a regulator, a payer, a healthcare professional or a patient. At W, we can help you address these needs by developing brand communications and supportive tactical intiatives that will differentiate your brand from the competitors.


W specializes in strategic and creative communications specifically for the international B2B business areas of Life Science, Technology, and Industry. W was founded in 1998 with the aim of offering tailored marketing solutions to industries where there was a need to turn highly complex data into relevant, meaningful, and differentiated brand messages. The concept was an immediate success, and today W has many lasting and successful partnerships with organizations across the globe.


We understand the complexities of the life science market. We understand the need to effectively communicate the value of your brand in order to drive brand adoption. We transform key customer insights into unique brand strategies that will resonate with your customers. We understand how to develop and implement global and local brand communication strategies.

At W, we offer:

An international team with
in-house expertise in the life
science market, including the
pharmaceuctical and medical
technology sectors

Creative execution of brand
communication strategies
– from strategy development
to sales implementation

Validation of our ideas across
regions / markets, as we are a
member of the ComVort Group,
the world’s largest global and
independent agency network.