W Communication Agency

Extended team

While we are small, we are powerful. And we’ve got some great friends to help us out when we need it.


Tomas Gottmo, Exhibition developer

When it comes to experience rooms, exhibitions & trade shows and showrooms, innovative ideas and great quality is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Tomas Gottmo is a natural in achieving both. If you let him, he’ll add a unique feature, something new, cool and creative in every ‘room’ he’s designing, making it special. Always with elegance, always with style.

Specialties include
Exhibition design and production, showroom development, two and three dimensional design and visualisation, display materials, etc.


Patrick Stahl, Process facilitator & leadership coach

Change management and workshop facilitation can be a challenging profession. It’s about releasing the power of organisations and groups – aligning people towards a mutual direction, tapping into each other’s knowledge base, exploring new ways of solving old problems, changing behaviours, making decisions. This is where Patrick Stahl excels. A more experienced and secure guide for these shaky grounds is hard to find.

Specialties include
Process management, workshop facilitation, change management, business mentality, leadership development, methodology and training processes, etc