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Markus Weichselbaumer

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein


Having lived and worked in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Australia, Markus is a true globetrotter who brings his knowledge about different cultures and people into his role as an Project Manager at W. With 19 years at IKEA, Markus knows a great deal about the importance of making everyone feel like a part of the organization.

With this background and experience, it may not come as a big surprise that one of Markus’ projects, “Sharing is Caring” for Inwido – which was all about creating togetherness and build a stronger connection between the products brand and the mother brand – became a huge success.

Markus has always had a great interest in the interaction between communication, design and securing the strategic direction. He experienced a great deal from this at IKEA when working with the IKEA catalogue, the global structure and content of the IKEA website and revitalizing loyalty programs i.e. IKEA FAMILY. Roles which involved everything from strategy development, idea generation and roll-out communication and management.

When Markus is not working one of his many exciting projects at W, you may find (or hear) him sing modern r&b and hiphop in the Malmö choir “Klubbkören”, cooking a nice meal or trying to get better at golf.


Campaign and concept development, creative planning, communication strategies, loyalty programs etc.


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