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Tools and tactics for the medical sector require a unique responsibility to really get things right. This was the case for us when Norgine requested our assistance in finding a channel to help inform health care professionals (HCPs) about diagnosing Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE), a serious condition. HE occurs in people with severe liver damage, ultimately also damaging brain functioning. The appropriate therapy is required for managing the condition, and the key to this is determining the level of disease severity.


The West Haven criteria are widely used and accepted as a tool for determining the severity of HE. They enable the physician to measure and monitor changes in the patient’s level of consciousness, intellectual function, and behavior as result of the damage to the central nervous system. To simplify the diagnostic process for HCPs and make use of the criteria, W developed a simple, easy-to-use ‘tear-off’ pad to describe:

  • The importance of assessing HE disease severity
  • How the disease can be measured
  • How the tool can be used to monitor disease progression over time


Perhaps due to our Swedish roots, we believe the simpler, the better. By producing the West Haven diagnostic tool in the form a ‘tear-off’ pad, we provide the HCP with a simple solution to assess HE disease severity directly during the patient consultation. And by performing this diagnosis at each subsequent consultation, the HCP can determine the extent of disease progression over time. We are pleased to report that the tool has been very well received and is now used routinely by HCPs involved in the management of HE within a hospital setting.

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