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Affiliate consultation process



Azilect® is for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. W was asked to develop and facilitate an affiliate consultation process to identify the key barriers and motivators for brand adoption in Lundbeck’s key markets.


By working with the Azilect® global brand team, W developed an affiliate questionnaire to identify the motivators & barriers for local brand adoption in key markets. By interacting and engaging with the key markets through a series of affiliate discussions, the markets had an opportunity to communicate directly to the global brand team the support required to address these local issues.


Based upon the identified motivators & barriers, the Azilect® Global Brand Team proposed a number of global marketing tactics to be included in the Azilect® Global Brand Plan. This collaborative approach was highly appreciated by the markets, as it enabled the markets to communicate directly to global brand team key market insights influencing local brand adoption. These insights were subsequently translated into actionable tactics in the Azilect® global brand plan for local implementation.


  • PPT consultation questionnaire to identify key motivators & barriers
  • In-depth affiliate interviews
  • Executive summary, inc. proposed global marketing tactics

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The Azilect® Affiliate Consultation Process was a project that demanded deep strategic and tactical understanding from the W Communication Agency. Timelines for the project were very strict which demanded extreme accuracy in planning, rapid core understanding of a new brand to the agency (Azilect®) and strong execution.
W delivered this and it enabled us to develop strong initiatives for key markets.

Furthermore, we have received very positive feedback from the markets involved on the project itself and the agency involvement.

Pontus Salomonson, Global Brand Manager Azilect®, Lundbeck A/S