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Alfa Laval


Alfa Laval Industrial Equipment asked W to find a way to communicate and increase their offer to new and existing distributors. The goal was also to enhance the already existing customer values of choosing Alfa Laval as a partner and/or their fluid power products.

Alfa Laval Fluid Power


W started off by inviting the Alfa Laval fluid power affiliates to an engaging workshop with exercises aiming to set the fluid power “one liner” and selecting key strengths to the target groups. Based on the insights gained at the workshop as well as interviews and other research, W developed a differentiating sales story flow and key sales messages for the Alfa Laval fluid power area. W also developed a package that could easily be adapted depending on target group, distributors or system builders. The Hello and Goodbye concept will be applied in many different channels, worldwide, with a strong consistency.

Alfa Laval Fluid Power


  • Distributor sales guide fluid book
  • Internal launch: PPT presentation of the concept, material and roll-out
  • Fluid Power application brochure
  • Updated website
  • Flash and gif banners
  • Digital presentation loop for fairs and exhibitions
  • Advertisement
  • Roll-up
  • Direct mailings
  • E-mail banner

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Alfa Laval
Product Launch