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Best practice sharing process



Sycrest® is for the treatment of manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder. To strengthen internal knowledge sharing within Lundbeck, W was asked to help gather and identify successful local marketing tactics and to share these across Lundbeck’s key markets.

Lundbeck best practice sharing


W developed a structured process where the Sycrest® global brand team was able to collect local marketing tactics that had positively influenced local brand adoption and importantly, to communicate the benefits of best practice sharing. By interacting and engaging with Lundbeck’s key markets, W was able to identify a number of ‘business shaping’ marketing tactics per market.


W was able to collect approximately 2-3 marketing tactics per market, which were then shared across the organisation through a featured article in the Sycrest® newsletter and via a number of affiliate web meetings, where specific markets were able to elaborate on their own initiatives to their colleagues from the other key markets.


  • PPT template to identify local marketing tactics, inc. KPIs
  • In-depth affiliate interviews
  • Overview of each tactic for the Sycrest® Brand Center (intranet)
  • Featured article for the Sycrest® newsletter

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W captured all the local, creative initiatives, thereby making it easier for the markets to be inspired by them and to adapt the materials to their local market.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on this project and we will continue to invite our markets to share their successful stories with their peers.

Signe Grynnerup Frost, Global Marketing Associate, Lundbeck
Best Practice Sharing