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Patient instruction film



Cimzia® is a treatment for moderate to severe, active rheumatoid arthritis. Cimzia® is available as a pre-filled syringe that requires the patient to self-inject at home every 2 weeks. W was asked to identify how we could help patients better understand how to self-inject Cimzia and how HCPs could help their patients achieve this.


By working closely with the Cimzia®brand team at UCB*, W proposed developing an animated film to provide both the HCP and patient with step-by-step instructions on how to self-inject Cimzia®. W initially developed a storyboard for the animated film and using ‘state of the art’ 3D animation a computerized hand and body were created and developed as an animated film showing how Cimzia®should be self-injected.


  • Step-by step ‘instruction for use’ animation film for both digital and traditional channels, e.g. medical information websites, HCP meetings, congresses and exhibitions – the animation was initially developed in 5 language versions.
  • ‘One page’ quick user guide as a compliment to the animated film for nurses to use when instructing new patients on how to self-inject Cimzia®.

*UCB is a global biopharma focused on severe diseases with operations in more than 40 countries.

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