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Did you know that electricity comes in various qualities? That imperfect power waves can corrupt critical equipment? Neither did we, and the benefits of improved power quality are often overlooked – even if it is business critical for many producing entities. Comsys develops and sells the next generation electricity quality solutions called ADF (Active Dynamic Filters). They wanted to increase awareness of ADF as well as inspire and educate distributors, so they asked W to help.


After being trained in the area of power quality, W ran a workshop with key stakeholders to get a clear understanding of the target groups, their needs and Comsys’ perceived brand position on different markets. W then developed the creative platform and messaging, in close cooperation with Comsys, packaging their offer into an easy-to-understand, unified message to be rolled out across different channels.


The new messaging was launched to Comsys’ distributors during their Partner Conference, where W presented the insights, strategic thinking and creative direction. These messages will now be rolled out globally to help increase power quality across industries and geographies.


  • Advertisements
  • Digital banners
  • Website
  • Corporate brochure
  • Internal Sales Guide
  • Sales PowerPoint presentation for Partners

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Thanks to W we now have a clear and understandable way to communicate a critical problem for industries across the world: the fact that power isn’t perfect. They interpreted our complex offering quickly and creatively and we’re very happy with our new, professional material!

Marcus Löfgren, CEO, Comsys
Comsys Communcation Concept 2
Comsys Communcation Concept 2
Comsys Communcation Concept 2