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A production area made for crushing, screening and extracting stones in the right sizes for a specific usage – that’s basically how you would describe a crusher plant. Traditionally, these plants have been sold only as custom-made solutions. After analyzing their global installed base of plants, Sandvik noticed that there was a need for different plants depending on the client’s needs. Said and done – they came to W, asking for help on how to package their plant solutions in a way that the clients could easily understand the benefits, and what plant to choose to fit their needs.


One main aspect was to make sure that the different plant solutions were communicated in a clear and concise way. But since there was no existing material, we had to work with more or less nothing, meaning that we had to push our creativity to find a communication concept that would resonate with Sandvik’s customers. In close collaboration with Sandvik, we created three different solutions with names that described their main benefits – FastPlant, SmartPlant and CustomPlant.

Is the main need to get the Plant up and running as soon as possible – FastPlant is your choice. Is it important to be able to upgrade your existing plant? Then go for SmartPlant, the more flexible version. Finally, Sandvik’s premium plant solution, CustomPlant, is tailored to the specific needs of the client. If the client was not a hundred percent sure of what FastPlant to pick, they could use an online selector to find out by answering a few questions. By providing different solutions to the client depending on their need, together with the online selector, Sandvik took the selling of crusher plants to a whole new level.


Besides a verbal and visual concept, the project also resulted in various material, such as a web landing page, three different films and a sales presentation, emphasizing Sandvik’s availability to cater for all kinds of needs within the mining industry. To increase awareness about Plant Solutions, not only externally but also internally, we created a sales guide to be used at webinars and sales meetings.

Want to know more? Contact Senior Project Manager Markus Weichselbaumer.

“When approaching W with our new Sandvik Plant Solution strategy we had not yet finalized a plan on how to approach the market. By involving W at an early stage, we could together develop a clear and efficient communication plan resulting in great communication for Sandvik”

Magnus A Holst, Marketing Manager, Stationary Crushing & Screening at Sandvik.

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