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Designing a room to inspire learning

Trelleborg Group


Training and educating employees is very important for the Trelleborg Group. With courses in sales, purchasing, manufacturing and leadership, the training areas are important in many aspects, two of them being employer branding and providing inspiration. Before opening the Trelleborg Group University Campus, there were few non-branded open areas and rooms being used exclusively for training. So, was there a way where we could help Trelleborg transform these “blank” canvases into surroundings to reflect the Trelleborg spirit, and inspire their employees?


First thing we did, was to ask ourselves what feeling do we want the employees to have when they enter the room, and how we could recreate this. Was there a way that we could create interest, even before entering the room? Based on the employer branding concept “Shaping industry from the inside”, which we had previously created for the Trelleborg Group, we branded the training area and infused the core values into the branding. Fun facts – to further incorporate the Trelleborg spirit, the training rooms were named after the core values, i.e. innovation, responsibility, customer focus and performance.


Needless to say, we all need to feel inspired to perform our best. By having a specific training area, branded to reflect and communicate the spirit of the company, TGU Campus will hopefully continue to inspire employees from all over the world for many years to come.

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Our campus looks and feels amazing, all the great branding elements from the staircase, to the room(s) and when exiting, makes us proud and the visitors inspired.

Henrik Dreyer, Employer Branding Manager at Trelleborg Group

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