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Fresh statistics from the Trelleborg Group reveals that their online films are watched for 12 seconds, in average. You can’t fit all your company greatness in that slot, can you? So, how do you adapt to the behavior of the website visitors and still get your message across?


After having finalized a solid Employer Branding platform together, Trelleborg asked W to package their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and key messages in an emotional and appealing way for future employees. The challenge was to do it in a very short amount of time (about 12 seconds).


The creative team at W proposed to create a “film kit” consisting of one longer film and eight 10-15 second extracts, each focusing on one key message or case story. Short films to be used in social media to drive traffic to the career section of the website. As a next step the films are being translated and will start to roll out globally.



Longer / Main film

Short film “Drive Global Innovation” case story

Short film “Have an Impact” case story

Short film “Where Talents Grow” case story

Short film “Make a Difference” case story

Short film “Where Talents Grow” extract

Short film “Make a Difference” extract

Short film “Have an Impact” extract

Short film “Driving Global Innovation” extract

We are very happy with the result and the story, highlighting the key offering to our employees.

Henrik Dreyer, HR Officer, Trelleborg Group

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