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Expo Package from A to Z



For the power quality and drives industries, one of the most important annual events is the SPS IPC Drives Fair in Nuremberg. To create awareness of ADF Power Tuning and educate the market about active filter compensation technology, Comsys worked with W Communication Agency to make a strong impression at this global industry exhibition.


With a premier location secured for the fair, W supported Comsys in creating a modern and functional booth; an informative marketing film to use before, during, and after the exhibition; and a comprehensive technology brochure. Together, these channels, combined with the continuously updated website and social media channels, were used to target key partners and prospective customers before the SPS Fair, to drive visitors to the booth and engage them during the fair, and keep ADF Power Tuning top of mind after the fair.



36% new visitors to the website
With a noticeable surge in this year’s booth traffic and a continuous increase in social media subscribers, website visitors, YouTube viewers, and new contracts, it is safe to say that ADF Power Tuning is making an impression in the market. Despite its high-tech and complex nature, with informative, clear, and engaging communication tools, Comsys has been able to share the real customer benefits its technology enables and has seen customer interest grow as a result.

We have a very close cooperation with W and their guidance and hands-on work to reposition the brand and create awareness online and offline is greatly appreciated by me and the full sales team.

Marcus Löfgren, CEO, Comsys AB
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