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The Hedson group came to W with a desire to understand the needs of their target groups in a better way, but also to develop and improve client relations. But how do you turn your sales team, distributors and resellers into brand ambassadors and knowledge experts in an inspiring way? Taking into account their different needs, entry knowledge, go-to-market strategies, and different loyalty levels to the brand?
Hedson BPS Academy start page
We created the Hedson Academy, a custom-made, digital training program with different courses, classes and content, easy to grow over time. But to know what information to deliver, we needed to know the needs of the customers and how we could satisfy them. That’s why we started out by researching the end-customers and partners as well as evaluating the existing educational material in close collaboration with Hedson experts. The goal was for Hedson’s partners to get the exact right information for their contexts and target groups as well as and clear numbers and facts to provide their customers with, by investing 10-20 minutes per class.
Hedson BPS Academy
An interactive and pedagogical digital training program, embracing several different courses. The first one, focusing on automotive Body and Paint shops, is out!  It consists of eight classes and quizzes to validate the learning progress. By completing a course, the user receives a certificate, which means that he or she is trained in that area. The program is available digitally (placed at the partner portal) and as stand-alone sessions together with a teacher. The objective is that all sales staff as well as all distributors and resellers in over 50 countries worldwide will be committed Hedson brand ambassadors in the future.
To learn more about how we can help you don’t hesitate to contact Markus Weichselbaumer.
Hedson Academy 3 levels of learning speedometer illustration
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Hedson BPS Academy

The participants are really happy with the training program, and find it easy to work with, being both educational and inspiring.

Eva Löfgren, Academy Trainer at Hedson Group

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