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Historically Ecophons’ guidelines were strict and filled with rules, giving little flexibility for development over time and with that they felt outdated. With the new guidelines we wanted to:

• Create guidelines, not rules, with room for flexibility, creativity and development
• Get away from noisy cluttered layouts and offer calm and inspiring experiences
• See less bright boxes and create more confident airiness and color tones



Built on examples from our recent work and further development we pinned down relevant directions, and supported Ecophon in creating a digital brand portal, replacing former PDF-guides. With inspiring examples and texts, we formed a framework that was guiding but still open for creativity and different channel/media adaptations.



The Ecophon and W team developed the new guidelines – accessible from the new digital platform – for employees and external partners. It’s a living document, providing a good balance between function and creativity. A framework with possibilities to tell stories, spark engagement and strengthen the Ecophon brand.



Curious to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact our Account Director Elisabet Ek.


We are very happy and satisfied with the delivered work from W. With the new, reworked and more accessible visual guideline we have more inspirational rather than dictational materials to share with both our internal and external partners. The collaboration with W is, as always, both effective and efficient. We appreciate that the team constantly challenges our thoughts and ideas but at the same time are responsive to our feedback and input

Stefan Malmborg, ‎Communication Manager, Saint-Gobain Ceilings Ecophon

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