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Promotion Film



Duni is a leading supplier of innovative table-setting concepts, and a dear friend of W. As part of our mutual efforts to promote the Duni Candles & Accessories segment to professional users across Europe, W proposed adding a more emotional communication tool to the sales kit. Because a candle is so much more than just a candle – it’s a mood changer.


From our previous research we knew that 87% of restaurant owners consider atmosphere fundamental to attract returning customers. Something we also used when building the communication platform – “Mood that welcomes back”. By taking an external view of the Duni offering and the insights gained, we had an interior decorator tell the story of the real values professional candles and accessories bring.

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This film adds a new dimension in showing how our candles and accessories allow restaurant owners to create unique experiences for their guests, and increase customer loyalty. The team at W did a really god job in understanding our brief and bridging that into a creative execution.

Lotta Sjöberg, International Trade Marketing Manager, Duni Professional Table Top