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APO-go Pen Campaign



Many patients with Parkinson’s disease suffer from EMO periods (Early Morning Off – periods when their medication is not working), which is caused by a delay in the efficacy of the initial dose in the morning. Even worrying about these OFF-periods can cause patients to become socially withdrawn. Our task was to communicate the benefits of the APO-go pen and how it could turn OFF-periods into ON-periods in a clear way for both patients and healthcare professionals. As the product was launched in all Nordic markets, the communication material needed to be consistent and aligned with any country specific rules and regulations. And, that was the biggest challenge – since time was short and the product needed to be on the market very quickly, we had to move fast!

Based on our experience with previous Global/Nordic pharmaceutical product launches and campaigns, we quickly identified the materials needed for the target audiences. Due to the short lead time, focus was to make the target audiences – doctors, nurses and patients, quickly understand the key benefits of the product. Since APO-go is a rather complex product, we needed to make the communication clear and concise, and relevant for different Nordic markets.


Besides a complete product launch pack including sales materials, a patient product brochure, an instruction for use guide, order forms, launch ad, etc. W also developed the APO-go Sales Training Program (add link) and held a day’s training for the sales people at Grünenthal. This was done in order for them to fully understand the product and to be able to communicate these benefits to the different target groups. And yes – everything was delivered within four weeks. Wow!



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