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Tourism in Skåne


Tourism in Skåne is the marketing company for promoting tourism in the southernmost province of Sweden – Skåne. They have a clear goal: “To become one of Sweden’s most visited destinations in 2020”. To help turn strategy into action, W was asked to package their comprehensive strategy document in a more easy-to-understand and inspirational way to their target audiences; politicians, local government officials and trade associations.


Whatever your target group – top managers or politicians – remember to simplify your message to get it across, start a discussion and promote action. To help Tourism in Skåne achieve this, W developed two different tools. One modern and professional digital presentation to keep the attention of the audience and support the presenter during a meeting. Additionally, we developed an inspirational “please-pick-me-up” brochure, clearly highlighting the five imperatives Tourism in Skåne would like to get across. Two productions complementing each other in a strong way.


  • Innovative and inspirational Power Point presentation
  • “Please-pick-me-up” brochure

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Tourism in Skåne
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