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Reducing asthma symptoms



Airsonett® AIR4 is an innovative medical device that can help people with allergic asthma gain better control of their condition. It works by delivering a gentle flow of filtered allergen and particle free air, pushing away particles and allergens that have gathered in the breathing zone while you are sleeping. The challenge given to W was to develop a communication strategy and sales implementation tools to position Airsonett® AIR4 as an effective treatment in asthma patients poorly controlled on traditional pharmacotherapy.


Using our extensive knowledge of the asthma market, W developed and facilitated a two-day communication workshop with internal stakeholders from manufacturing, R&D, global/affiliate sales and marketing. Building on the workshop and other data sources, W developed the Airsonett® AIR4 communication strategy, the brand positioning statement and key selling messages to communicate the benefits of prescribing the device to patients with poorly controlled asthma.



To ensure consistent understanding and implementation of the Airsonett® AIR4 communication strategy, W developed an interactive sales presentation. The sales presentation is divided in a number of sections based on the product key selling messages, including improved clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness. Using an interactive approach the sales representative can focus on the key selling messages that are most relevant to the customer. This approach also enables the sales team to implement a ‘sequential selling’ model, enabling the sales representative to move the customer up the brand adoption ladder with each subsequent visit.

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