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Trelleborg approached W looking for a “revamp” of their core values to reflect the organization and where it is today. The challenge was to make the core values look and feel softer, and more humanistic in a way that captured the essence of the Trelleborg brand. Besides a timeless feel, it was also important that the core values should work in different cultures and be top of mind amongst employees.


As always, we challenged the customer – this time by presenting five themes which reflected Trelleborg in different ways. The winning concept “Trelleborg spirit” was choosen as it highlighted diversity within the organization and focused on the employees. By using imagery of hands in combination with a device or an object, we were able to illustrate how everyone within the organization played a vital part in shaping and defining the company’s future.

Fun fact – the hand models used in the project are all Trelleborg employees, two males and two females, from different parts of the world.


The campaign was rolled out internally and was displayed as posters, in the showroom, at the Trelleborg training campus and other key areas. The hand models were interviewed about their view on the company, as well as the core values and the results were presented on the Intranet and other digital channels. Overall, the project increased the employee’s understanding of the Trelleborg core values and their knowledge of the company. Thereby, achieving the original goal of getting the Trelleborg core values closer to the hearts and minds of employees.

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I have received great feedback from HR colleagues around the world and we are very happy with the result.

Henrik Dreyer, HR Officer, Trelleborg Group

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