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Kristoffer Wittström, Account Director at W, has built a lot of showrooms during his years – the Eco Discovery Room for Tetra Pak, Group showroom for Trelleborg and Technology center for Scan Coin, to name a few. He points out that there is a wide tendency of seeing a showroom as just “a room”, or something limited to a certain place or area:

– The experience should start already before entering the actual showroom – actually, already before entering the office, says Kristoffer who also points out that a showroom is more of an overall experience today compared to twenty years ago, when it was more product focused.

Showroom examples

Showroom experience

So, how should you go about to create a memorable showroom experience? Behold, Kristoffer’s top tips:

1. Before visiting the location or the place where the actual showroom is, can we take the opportunity to enrich the experience already at this stage? To provide an extra “unexpected” service, such as for example a custom-made access guide or a hospitality deal, makes the visitor feel catered for and curious of what is to come.

2. When entering the building, be sure to grab the visitor’s interest even more – how can we continue building on his/her curiosity? An idea is to brand the walls and/or entry door with messages that ties in together with the overall theme/concept of the showroom. Remember that content is king – make sure that your messaging is 100 percent relevant and adapted to your target group(s).

3. Entering the showroom and experience the “WOW”. What makes your showroom and the experience you want to deliver special / what is the focal point? Take advantage of your brand and messaging to create a memorable time.

4. Exploring the showroom. This may speak for itself, but there are many ways you as a visitor can explore the actual arena. Here it is important that you ask yourself – what is it that you want you client to feel? What should he/she take with her from the experience and how can you as a provider make sure that happens? Who should the showroom work for self-exploration and grouped tours.

5. Continue to play on the overall theme or concept of the showroom in the office. This can be done in many ways, for example by making the meeting rooms reflect your brand positioning, displaying different material and subtle messages connected to the showroom theme, displaying the messaging on the aisle or in the interior stairways…

6. By handing over collateral or memorabilia when the visitor exits the office, or by sending out a follow-up e-mail or an actual letter, you are making sure that the experience stays with the visitor for a longer time.

Showroom curtain

Showroom view

If you want to learn more about showrooms and creating a memorable brand experience, contact the experts at W Communication Agency.

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