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Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology


In the world of mineral processing there are two types of screening media to choose from: steel, in the form of mesh, for accuracy and rubber for durability. When Sandvik told W that they have a newly engineered media combining the best of both worlds, we were excited to learn more. And it turned out that this promise wasn’t too good to be true; the data and test results spoke for themselves. But while we had an undoubtedly impressive product to launch, the challenge was how to convince the market that there really was a new product that removed the need to choose between accuracy and durability.


While this product is smaller in size than the many Sandvik products we usually work with, it was clear that it could have a major impact on customer operations. To communicate quickly and to-the-point, the resulting message is intended to grab the audience’s attention and correct their misconceptions directly.


The clear message, combined with a layered visual, at once demands attention and pulls the viewer in for a closer look.

With the creative concept in place, we developed strategic recommendations for executing the concept in different channels. Have a look at some of the deliverables below.

W quickly understood our solution and found a strong balance between the emotional and rational parts of the messaging, making all of the advantages clear while hitting the key difference powerfully on the head.

Magnus Holst, Marketing Manager, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology


Sandvik WX6500 is being launched for the North European markets at SteinExpo in Germany in September 2017. Check out Sandvik’s social media for live on-site interviews about Sandvik WX6500 and more. The launch will continue the following week at Maxpo in Finland, and the product will finally be rolled out across the United States and Canada in early October 2017.

Screening: the practice of taking granulated ore material and separating it into multiple grades by particle size.


  • Launch concept
  • Key messages and sales story flow
  • Key message animated and still illustrations
  • Case story
  • Case story photo shoot
  • English master ad
  • Ad language adaptations
  • Custom online and offline profit calculator, including a language selector tool
  • Product web page
  • Exhibition pillar, German and English
  • Leave-behind, German and English
  • Continuous advice and consulting for internally managed deliverables

Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology
Strategic Product Launch