W Communication Agency

Tactical planning workshop



Saphris®/Sycrest® is for the treatment of moderate to severe manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder in adults. To support the development and roll-out of the global marketing brand plan 2014/15, Lundbeck needed to identify key tactical initiatives to support the implementation of the Saphris®/Sycrest® brand positioning in its key markets.


To identify marketing initiatives to support the key markets, W was asked to facilitate a 2-day a joint global/affiliate marketing workshop. The primary of objective of the workshop was to ensure that the markets attending were fully engaged in the process to identify and develop ‘market shaping’ initiatives to be included in the Saphris®/Sycrest® global brand plan, after the workshop.


A highly motivating workshop that created an opportunity for the key markets to communicate to the global Saphris®/Sycrest® brand team the local barriers/challenges to brand adoption. By doing so, this created a forum for both global and affiliate marketing to have highly constructive discussions on key marketing initiatives that would be needed from HQ functions to overcome these local barriers, leading to increased brand sales.

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