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When miners think about the future of mining and automated underground loading and hauling solutions, Sandvik should be top of mind. For many years, the company has continuously set the industry standard within automation underground, and now Sandvik was ready to launch a smart handover technology that allows trucks to switch from underground to surface navigation mode in real-time, allowing vehicles to continue through the ramp portal seamlessly to surface to complete the dumping cycle. AutoMine® also connects directly to Sandvik OptiMine®, enabling efficient production planning and automatic dispatching of tasks to AutoMine® for production execution. W’s task was to give the new technology the launch and attention it deserved.


To develop the launch concept, we took a deep dive into what intelligent mining is all about – combining the power of new technologies, IoT, and automation to make mining as safe and productive as possible. And we realized that the new, AutoMine® for Trucks technology, literally enables trucks to take the product, the production and the technological advancement – miles further. Thus, the concept message became – “The power of automation. Taking you miles further”.


The campaign tagline and the developed key visualizations and messages were communicated across different channels and platforms, focusing on both product awareness and positioning Sandvik as a thought leader within the area of intelligent and digital mining. For several months the campaign was at the top of the media with numerous mining outlets publishing articles about AutoMine® for Trucks.


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Great collaboration! Through a new type of animation and different graphics created by W, we can communicate new quite complicated technical solutions more effectively. The message was successfully conveyed in multiple marketing assets

Ekaterina Moiseeva, Product Marketing specialist BU Automation at Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology.

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