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The driveshaft or steering mechanism on most modern cars features several boots to prevent grease and oil leakage and to protect the vehicle from dirt and moisture. The innovative Trilobe boot from Trelleborg is a two-in-one solution, saving assembly time while using less polymer material. Advanced engineering at its best! But, changing the mindset of the traditional and highly regulated automotive industry is not the easiest thing to do. What could we possibly do to educate and convince the clients to upgrade from their existing solutions to the Trilobe boot?
In close collaboration with Trelleborg, W marketed a Trelleborg Boots Tech Day for a key client, to act as a forum for users and experts to meet and discuss the new product. As every marketer knows, the planning step of an event is crucial – without the right people attending, all the effort and the event itself would be meaningless.

So, to gain interest from key stakeholders, we sent out 50 customized invitation gift boxes and marketed the event with e-mails and table stands. During the actual event, which featured two sessions, the attendants were greeted by Trelleborg Boots communication concept as well as different stations creating interactivity and discussions. They also received corporate information, such as the global footprint of the company.

Trelleborg Boots Technology day collage
Success! The number of participants attending the event exceeded the goals, and the event package will now be reused with other clients, ensuring that more and more will get to see the greatness of the Trilobe.
To learn more about how we can help you don’t hesitate to contact Elisabet Ek.

What a successful event! Everything went perfectly according to plan and more visitors than expected came to see us. Key stakeholders where there, and our message was very well received. Big thanks to W for your knowledge, professional support, high quality materials and so much more. You were with us throughout the journey, guiding and helping, adapting to all our changes – and the outcome is fantastic!

Jean-Philippe Lepre, Sales Director, Trelleborg Boots
Trelleborg Boots Technology day roll-ups

Trelleborg Boots Technology day magnetic board

Trelleborg Boots Technology day box

Trelleborg Boots Technology day roll-ups
Trelleborg Boots Technology day table tent

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