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Corporate responsibility at a glance



A corporate responsibility (CR) resport is an important annual document to share a company’s CR performance with stakeholders, especially shareholders. While the most involved stakeholders may be happy to wade through the full report, others may benefit from more of a top line view.



With this thinking in mind, we proposed creating an attention-grabbing at-a-glance infographic to summarize the key results of the Trelleborg Group’s annual CR performance. Such a graphic serves as an introduction to the whole report while satisfying the curiosity of those interested in an overall perspective of Trelleborg’s CR efforts.

The infographic is a new way of communicating with audiences that will not have the time or dedication to download or leaf through a long report. This fine artwork and copy will anyhow give them a quick overview of Trelleborg’s most important CR achievements.

Rosman Jahja, Communications Manager
Corporate Responsibility Communications & Internal Communications
Trelleborg AB (publ), HQ


To make the strongest visual impact while also reinforcing Trelleborg’s visual identity, we developed a 3D graphic that plays with textures and turns the classic pie chart on its head. The infographic went live on the corporate responsibility section of the Trelleborg Group website when the 2015 Trelleborg Group Corporate Responsibility Report was launched.

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