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Trelleborg Wheel Systems


Trelleborg Wheel Systems (TWS) is a leading, global supplier of tires and wheels for forestry machines. Over the years, W has created several successful communication concepts for TWS and to maintain their market position and strengthen the brand amongst OEMs and end users, TWS asked W to develop a new ad concept building on the look & feel from previous campaigns while using Trelleborgs new brand guidelines.

Trelleborg Forestry Tires


One of the most powerful ways to promote your brand is having a customer endorsing it. Especially if that customer enjoys a strong market position. So for this concept, four forestry machine OEMs were invited to participate in an endorsement campaign presenting the benefits and value of using premium Trelleborg tires.


While keeping a strong recognition from earlier ad concepts, W developed four new ads – presenting key strengths that TWS and each OEM both share; “Quality knows Quality”, “Committed knows Committed”, “Experience knows Experience” and “Reliable knows Reliable”. The ad campaign was launched at Elmia Wood 2013 – the world’s largest forestry fair – and has been rolled out in trade publications and other channels worldwide.


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Trelleborg Forestry Tires
Trelleborg Forestry Tires
Trelleborg Wheel Systems
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