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TechTextil in Frankfurt is the leading tradeshow in the industry for technical textiles and nonwovens, and by that an important event for Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabric. A great opportunity to showcase their expertise, meet current customers and prospects. But an exhibition means appearing back-to-back with others fighting for visitors’ attention. So Trelleborg ECF turned to W, to get help to create an appealing booth concept including one key challenge: The ECF offering applies to many different industries, which may result in very generic messaging. How could we create relevant and interesting messaging for every visitor, whatever industry he or she represented?


Together with Trelleborg we prioritized the industries to focus on and selected the most important messages to convey per industry. By moving the focus from the traditional side walls to industry-specific sections in the booth, we’d enable immediate and relevant customer conversations and be able to showcase relevant examples proving Trelleborg’s expertise. A great way to avoid the classic “inside-out” thinking and focus on customer needs. We also designed a meeting area for conversations around the proven ECF work process.


The section theme was a success! High tables in the different sections inspired discussions and smart storages kept tailor-made, industry-specific samples in hiding until booth staff chose to showcase them.

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Thank you, W, for your structured approach, advice and follow-up to build an effective and professional communication program for exhibition. This collaboration gave us the opportunity to show off a new and dynamic brand image and the success allowed us to collect many leads and visitors interested in our solutions.

Nicolas Wiber, Sales & Business Development Director Europe, Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics

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