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A pharmaceutical pump is a vital product that handles and transports liquids for medicine, vaccine, hygiene products etc. Customers are increasingly requesting a full range of pharma pump options that meet the high demands in their industry, such as improved hygiene and minimizing contamination risk. Also, as the sustainability angle continues to gain traction in the market, the demand for energy efficient solutions with low CO2 footprint is rapidly increasing. When extending their portfolio of pharma pumps – as well as launching a new pump – there was a big need to raise awareness of Alfa Laval’s offer and the sub-brand UltraPure. How could we position Alfa Laval and UltraPure as top of mind, making the target groups see Alfa Laval as a natural supplier for addressing their needs?

Instead of seeing it as a disadvantage, we turned the low awareness of Alfa Laval’s pharma pumps to the main story. To create curiosity and build up expectations, we positioned it as “the best kept secret in pharma”. Together with verbal messages “Discover Alfa Laval UltraPure” and “Made for Pharma” we created interest and curiosity around the product, delivered a promise to our customers that there was plenty more to learn, as well as emphasizing the fact that pharma industry is a top priority for Alfa Laval. The visual concept, presenting the full range of pumps in 3D in a typical pharma environment, further established Alfa Laval’s expertise and a variety of options for the customer’s pharma pump need – whatever it may be.


The concept resulted in a film, a leave-behind and exhibition material presenting Alfa Laval’s full range of pharma pumps, catering for all kinds of needs within the pharma and biotech industry. Since the UltraPure range differs between the US market and the rest of the world, we created two versions of all collateral. In this way, Alfa Laval can present and offer their extended range of pharma pumps to every customer in need of a pharma pump – no matter their need, or their location.

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This project was challenging – not only did it involve a launch of new pumps, but we also wanted to position ourselves as top pharma and biotech supplier. The solution W presented will help us leverage our entire UltraPure portfolio and help us meet our potential within the pharma and biotech industries.

Chantra Trithara, Central Communications Manager at Alfa Laval.

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Alfa Laval