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Wayne Fueling Systems


Standing out from the crowd is easy when you’re brilliant. But how do you get people to know how brilliant you are? For UNITI 2016 (the leading trade fair for the retail petroleum and car wash sector in Europe), Wayne developed a conceptual and modern fuel dispenser to be presented live. Based on their renowned Helix 6000, the dispenser was loaded with cutting-edge technology, from transparent touchscreens to advanced presence and security sensors. Not only did we need to showcase the model at UNITI, but Wayne recruited us to help make the best use of its high-tech possibilities, while developing great user interface, software, and content.


It’s not every day you get to work with a client’s team of engineers and marketers, but together we defined how we could make the most impact given the limited production time available. The outcome?

  • Interaction and design flow
  • User experience and interface design
  • Visual design and content refinement (video, music, news, etc.)
  • Software development and testing
  • Software integration plan and library (communication to hardware)


We’re proud to say that in the end, we achieved a truly unique and futuristic-looking dispenser with advanced features, such as the ability for the dispenser to automatically go into and out of “active” mode. For example, when a prospect approached, the solution automatically changed to active mode, meaning:

  • Prospects were greeted with a “Hello!” on the dispenser’s screen
  • Prospects were given the option to log in/register using palm recognition
  • The system suggested re-fueling with the preferred fuel type based on individual users’ previous fuel purchases
  • Prospects could fuel up and access their fueling history
  • During fueling, the prospect could listen to music via the dispenser’s song library, read news, see traffic conditions, or watch product videos

During and after UNITI 2016, Wayne garnered praise from customers and industry press alike. But perhaps the best achievement of all is that customers repeatedly asked “When will the product be available to order?”

The Helix concept was a huge success; it attracted additional visitors to the booth and generated articles in all the global trade magazines. And the CEO decided that Super Helix should be presented at all upcoming key events.

Robert Åsbrink, Marketing Communications Manager, EMEA
Wayne Fueling Systems