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Why good internal communication makes good business sense

There’s a big difference between almost successful and successful marketing. Often, the ingredient gone missing is internal communication. Research shows, and there’s plenty of it, that good internal communication has a positive impact on the bottom line. So why is it so often neglected? 

Companies have always focused on creating marketing experiences for customers and prospects—to delight them, increase loyalty and sales. But forward-thinking people and corporations see the benefit in investing in another crucial stakeholder group: employees. Here are four tips to make internal communications work for you.



Who doesn’t want a committed and well-performing workforce, living the corporate values every day? But turning employees into brand ambassadors doesn’t happen by magic. For starters, internal communication needs to be prioritized (all the way from management!). Then it needs a strategy. And finally, a budget to make sure appropriate channels exist and initiatives are rolled out and monitored.


The biggest hurdle is responsibility. Is this a task for HR or Marketing? Or IT? Frankly, it doesn’t matter, as long as ownership is clearly defined. With some optimism, trends show that the wall between HR and Marketing is coming down, which opens up new ways of working with internal communication.


Different roles, different goals. If you’re in Marketing, you want everyone to unite in providing the perfect brand experience—before, during, and after sales. If you’re in Sales, you probably want the same thing—resulting in increased market share and returning customers. If you’re in HR, your priority is a diverse, skilled, productive, and healthy workforce strengthening the company culture. Here’s the secret: great internal communication can help with all those things!


Being savvy with internal communication also brings other opportunities to the table. Innovation and idea generation, for example. Studies show that the best and most commercially prone ideas come from inside a company (not from consultants, surprisingly enough). How do you tap this amazing innovation source in your company today?

INSPIRATION: Hear it from one who gets it

One company that has seen the potential, and the results, of good internal communication is the Inwido Group, Europe’s largest supplier of windows and a leading door supplier.

“This project included some interesting challenges, not least identifying channels and messages to reach and engage staff members in different positions and in different countries.”

As a parent brand, they wanted to create pride and ensure that their different product brands, based all over Europe, felt united by the benefits of belonging to Inwido. See how the “Sharing is Caring” initiative explored new communication channels and brought people together over both new ideas and cake…

Learn more about how Inwido achieved togetherness here.

Lisa Henningsson Önnerlid
Managing Director, W Communication Agency