100 year anniversary logo and tagline

W was given the challenge to create a special Bona anniversary logo and tagline that would be instantly recognisable. Explore what we created!

Our Challenge

Bona develops products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wood floors, and 2019 is all about celebration for Bona. It’s the year that Bona celebrates that they have been around for 100 years. To acknowledge this celebration, W was given the challenge to create a special Bona anniversary logo and tagline that would be instantly recognisable and could be used throughout the marketing mix to reinforce the value that Bona has been delivering to distributors and consumers for the last 100 years, and will continue to deliver over the next 100 years.


The Solution

As with any communication concept, we needed to identify what we wanted to say, how we were going to say it and how it could be visualized. The Bona heritage is all about innovation; helping people create aesthetically beautiful floors to walk on, play on, work on, or simply admire. Hence, we wanted to create a sentence or tagline and a logo reflecting back on the company’s rich history, without closing the door to the future.


Final Result

We specifically avoided using the term ‘100 years’, as this would focus too much on the past, and we wanted to embrace the future and communicate that there is more to come. Based on this approach, the tagline “Bringing out the beauty in floors since 1919” was created. To reinforce this sentence visually, we also developed a logo and a Visual Identity Guideline document for the celebration visuals. The thinking behind the logo was to create a visual expression to refer back in time, as well as aiming forward, using associations linking to Bona’s core business, and to 1919, the year when it all started – crystal clear finish, shining, celebrate, clean floors, art deco and lightning up. W will be a key partner to Bona in developing the 100-year anniversary deliverables throughout 2019.


We are very satisfied with the framing of our anniversary and the new 100-year logo and tagline. It creates a unity for our communication during our anniversary year and gives an increased awareness about our heritage and a promise for the future.
Lidija Broström
SVP Global Marketing & Communications


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