Our niche focus within international B2B communications, and our highly dedicated team is what differentiates W from other agencies. We’re curious creatures who love working with complex and challenging projects.

Our expertise

After years of refining our skills, we can proudly call ourselves experts in the following areas.

At W, we have a genuine passion for brands. To build, grow and position them exactly right for your target groups. No matter where you are on the product lifecycle or the customer journey, we are your strategic and creative partner of choice.

  • Do you need a well-founded, timeless and intelligent brand strategy and identity?
  • Is your brand strategy embraced throughout your organization?
  • Are you looking to launch a new brand or wanting to reposition an existing brand?
  • Does your brand identity reflect your brand values, corporate purpose, mission, and vision?

If there is one thing we preach here at W, it is the importance of starting from within. We will ensure that you engage and inspire your target groups.

  • Are you looking to create and/or communicate your sustainability strategy?
  • Do you need to position your organization as the employer of choice?
  • Are internal stakeholders in need of alignment?
  • Do you need to leverage your corporate identity to differentiate your organization?

Our heart beats strongly for making sales work. This is where all the best strategies and creative ideas come to life. No matter how great your sales materials might be, your solutions won’t sell better than how your sales team can present them.

  • Do you need a sales implementation guide?
  • Is your sales team in need of sales training?
  • Does your sales team have innovative and effective sales tools?
  • How good are you at translating product features into customer benefits and values?

We see it as our responsibility to provide specialist advice for creating a unique digital experience for your brand. Our portfolio within this area includes everything from website development, identifying digital channels, ideation on tactical solutions, digital events, gamification, and apps. 

  • Are you looking to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and social media world?
  • Do you need multi-channel strategies and experiences to support your core communication?
  • Do you need help to optimize you current digital offerings?

International is not our middle name, it’s our first! Using customer insights, we develop creative communication concepts and tailored campaigns, including identifying relevant communication channels to positively influence the buying behavior of your target groups.

  • How do you find the balance between standardization and adaptation when developing a global brand campaign?
  • Do you need a global campaign that reflects the needs of local markets?
  • Do you need a creative communication concept and a tailored campaign to position, and strenghten your business?

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