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See how W helped Sandvik to present the real value of their service programs!

Our Challenge

As part of the launch of Sandvik 365, Sandvik Mining’s parts and service offering, Sandvik needed a way for personnel to have an intuitive and professional way of presenting the real value of their service programs. They also wanted a tool where all content would be reachable at the fingertips of customers.

The Solution

Mining customers need hard facts and concrete data to make the best decisions for their operations, so we helped Sandvik create the Sandvik 365 app to do just that. This personalized, eye-opening iPad app provides customers with all the solid data they need.

The app has everything to help customers learn more about how to benefit from a Sandvik parts and service program. They can explore in-depth and up-to-date information on Sandvik’s parts and services, customized product selectors, and instantaneous Return-On-Investment calculators.

One of the best parts of the app is the selection of personalized ROI calculators. Specified for the needs of different types of mining, customers simply input their data into the relevant ROI calculator and instantly get an estimate of what they gain with a Sandvik 365 service program.



The Sandvik 365 app comes with…

  • 5+ in-app tools
  • 10+ movies
  • 200+ products in the product selector
  • 1 point of contact for EVERY country in the world
  • 50+ services to explore
  • 0 ads
  • 0 in-app purchases

Our approach also supports Sandvik’s IT strategy with streamlining administration since the app directly takes content from the Sandvik Mining website – there’s no double work to update content on both the website and app.

Final Result

The app is available free for download on App Store.

We have also developed materials to promote the app on App Store, Sandvik’s App Center, and internally, including a film, web banners, sponsored posts, and a PowerPoint.





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The Sandvik service organization and I are extremely happy with the app and the work done by W to produce it. Together we’ve created a tool that not only reflects and supports the overarching Sandvik 365 parts and service offering, but is also a fun, dynamic, and extremely useful to our sales staff and our customers.
Jessica Östling
Web and Digital Channels Specialist Marketing and Communication


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