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W was asked to develop a sustainability communication platform to position Ecophon as a trusted sustainable partner.

Our Challenge

Indoor acoustic solution company, Ecophon, has over the years driven the industry agenda in terms of great acoustics and design. Along with this, their ambition has been to achieve the lowest emissions during the production process for their products without compromising their brand promise ‘a sound effect on people’. Ecophon came to W Communication Agency in need of support in developing a sustainability communication platform, that could stand the test of time.

The Solution

As with any sustainability strategy, it is not a destination – it is a journey. With a commitment to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050, Ecophon wants to transparently report their progress towards this target. And so, after workshops and insight-gathering activities, W developed the sustainability platform ’Towards net-zero acoustics’, together with the key areas of:

  • Commitments and progress, focusing on the short- and long-term sustainability goals and milestones already achieved.
  • Transparent reporting, with access to all documentation, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s), Green building score cards etc.
  • Circularity and innovation, presenting the sustainability services offered within recycling and the reuse of Ecophon products.

Graphics with symbols
Graphics with symbols

Under the umbrella of ‘Towards net-zero acoustics’ W also developed a strong flexible visual concept that is being used for overarching sustainability communication and for the different services and solutions offered within the area.


  • Workshop
  • Insights
  • Communication platform, visual and verbal
  • Images, illustrations
  • Guidelines
  • Web content
  • Sustainability report, design
  • Sustainability service communication for SoundCircularity and ReUse.

Final Result

The delivery of the ‘Towards net-zero acoustics’ sustainability communication platform position Ecophon as a trusted partner for delivering sustainable acoustic solutions. With the promise that Ecophon is committed to this sustainability journey, this platform will live on for many years to come.

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Together with W, Ecophon has undergone an extensive sustainability journey. W has been involved since the beginning and not only delivered material but above all discussed and challenged us in our way of thinking. They work agile and we can always trust delivery on time.
Karoliné Nilsson
Project Leader Central Communication, Ecophon


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