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See how W supported Symetri in planning and facilitating a communication workshop for the continued work in refining their brand platform.

Our Challenge

Symetri, is a rapidly growing organization. With an extensive growth plan, Symetri decided the time was right to revisit and evolve their market positioning across Europe. Being an insight-based communication agency, we naturally encouraged Symetri to talk to their key target groups before starting work on refining their brand platform.

The Solution

We conducted over 50 interviews, with both target customers and employees. By doing so, this enabled us to collect valuable considerations and actions from both an external and internal perspective. Which we then ‘pressure tested’ at a communication workshop with Symetri employees from around Europe. At the workshop we began to formulate the key components of the Symetri brand platform, by translating the customer insights collected into a brand personality and key messaging ideas.

Final Result

Working with customer insights in this way creates the opportunity for W with the client to discuss a brand at a level that is not possible without talking to key customers (external & internal)! By using the insights from the interviews, we were really able to engage people at the workshop, ideate and identify the input needed to develop Symetri’s brand platform. Stay tuned for more!

We chose to work with W for their extensive branding experience, and we are very happy with the partnership! The workshop they facilitated was just what we needed, and it was a joy to see the colleagues from different markets being so engaged. We look forward to continue on the journey we have started
Trude Berg
Chief Brand Officer


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