Calling for action – website optimization

W supported SenseNode to optimize their website in order to convert more visitors to actual leads. Read more about what W did below.

Our Challenge

The Adobe Digital Marketing Optimization Survey found that a majority of companies (53%) spend less than 5% of their total marketing budgets on online optimization activities, despite the fact that a small uplift in conversion rates can translate into thousands of dollars of extra revenue.

SenseNode, an Energy Tracking company, help clients knowing exactly when and where you are using the most energy, guiding you to take the necessary steps to radically reduce energy usage. SenseNode came to W, wanting to optimize their website, focusing primarily on converting more visitor to leads.

The Solution

Based on data, both hard (analytics) and soft (interviews and discussions with management, sales and marketing), and our user experience expertise, W thoroughly revised existing website and developed conclusions on how to optimize it (within given budget). To better capture relevant leads, the team at W developed new wireframes, messaging, helped prioritize and manage content, imagery, call to actions, downloadable resources and additional languages.

Final Result

An updated website, featuring strong, value-based messaging and clear call to actions, developed in a cost-effective fashion. And as a bonus the website is now easier to administrate, responsive and index better in search engines.

W guided us through unknown waters in a very clear, knowledgeable and cost-effective way. We are very happy with the partnership and the result, and we are eager to follow up on more leads from the website
Mikael Lennström


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