Demag AC 45 city crane launch

We know how to create excitment! Therefore W was asked to support in the launch of the most compact crane on the market AC 45 City. Read more below.

Our Challenge

Demag is a premium mobile crane brand and as such, their clients expect their products and solutions to be nothing less than best in class. As the market need for a compact crane was huge, Demag reintroduced the AC 45 City Crane – an all-new crane designed for lifting in even the narrowest spaces. When ready, it would be the most compact crane on the market, but how could we create excitement already now, for a product that would be fully unveiled several months later?


The Solution

Since there was no actual crane to show at the start of the campaign, we decided to build on the anticipation and curiosity of the target audience. By placing the silhouette of the AC 45 City Crane in environments where no other cranes could go, we wanted to show its’ compactness in a way that teased the target groups by giving them just a glimpse of what was to come. With the messages “Fits everywhere” and “The biggest news in small cranes”, the concept was phased out in social media. The campaign was backed up by printed ads and its own product page on the Demag innovation website, which also included a release date countdown.

Final Result

On October 27, more than two months after the campaign start, the AC 45 City Crane was finally revealed online as well as on a customer event in Germany. Comments on Demag Mobile Cranes Facebook such as “Say hello to the new Ferrari” and “Revolutionary!” made it obvious that the customers had been waiting anxiously for the biggest thing in small cranes.

Always provide value. Value builds trust. Once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling.
Mike Volpe
Growth Marketer


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