Developing a memorable exhibition experience

Demag wanted to showcase their digital solutions for the entire lifting process. See how W helped Demag in creating a memorable experience at Bauma

Our Challenge

A vital part of lifting is the planning. Finding the best crane for the job, calculating lifting capacity and radius, outrigger positioning and much more. Today, this is all calculated in digital tools, and at bauma 2019, Demag wanted to showcase their digital solutions for the entire lifting process – from planning to lifting and connectivity solutions. An interactive experience area in their 4000 sqm stand, with an UX design intuitive enough for self-exploration by visitors but also a presentation tool for stand staff.


The Solution

After a mutual workshop we narrowed down the most important parts to communicate from the wide Demag offering. Several hefty brainstorming sessions later we presented the tagline “Future of smart lifting” and an idea with stand walls, videos and an interactive experience divided into three sections: Plan, Lift, Connect. To go beyond the limitations of today, and capture customer needs and ideas, we also added a section called “Future”, to work as a conversation starter for future scenarios within lifting.



Final Result

The experience area flaunted four big screens; two featuring teaser films to create curiosity and attraction and one centerpiece replicating one main touchscreen, operated by the visitor (or staff). The application opened up a world of benefits for crane drivers, management and crane hotspots throughout the Plan, Lift and Connect process.


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Spending energy to understand the audience and carefully crafting a message that resonates with them means making a commitment of time and discipline to the process.
Nancy Duarte


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