developing a sustainability strategy

In order to strengthen Camurus position as a sustainable pharmaceutical partner, W was asked to further develop their sustainability strategy.

Our Challenge

At the end of 2020, Camurus approached W to develop the content for the Sustainability chapter for the Annual Report 2020. During that project, W performed an evaluation of the Camurus Annual Report 2019. From that analysis it was clear that to further improve Camurus’ sustainability reporting, the company would need to develop a sustainability strategy that would better define their sustainability goals and key performance indicators for the Camurus Annual Report for 2021.


The Solution

During 2021 W together with our sustainability partner, Tomorrow Today, developed a thorough process to identify the framework for the Camurus sustainability strategy. The process started with a materiality analysis which included benchmarking, interviewing internal and external stakeholders, an employee survey, identifying sustainability risks and opportunities, and mapping the company’s most material UN Sustainability Goals. The result was assessed against Camurus’ current sustainability work in a gap analysis and discussed in a sustainability workshop with key stakeholders within Camurus.

Final Result

Based on this thoroughly process and by working closely with key stakeholders, a framework for developing and organising Camurus’ sustainability work and strategy was developed. This included four tailored focus areas for Camurus’ operations, long and short-term targets and a set of KPIs to regular monitor sustainability progress.
The Camurus sustainability strategy was used as the foundation for writing the Sustainability chapter of the recently launched Camurus Annual Report 2021. A task that was also delivered within this project.


As a growing business in the pharmaceutical area, sustainability is an increasingly important topic that goes across the entire organization. By commissioning W and Tomorrow Today, we were able to better structure the way we approach sustainability and put in specific measures and actions to strengthen Camurus’ position as a sustainable partner to patients, healthcare professionals, suppliers, new and existing employees, and investors. We are very happy with the outcome of the project and believe this will serve as a good foundation for our sustainability work over the coming years.
Anna Bolin
Communication Manager


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