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How do we best visualize sound absorbing ceilings? See how W supported Ecophon in reworking the visual expression of “The Sound of Nature”.

Our Challenge

Over hundreds of thousands of years, our ears have evolved to hear perfectly in nature. Although today, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. How does that affect our ears and how should we handle the indoor sound environment? Ecophon, a global leader in sound absorbing ceilings wanted share their knowledge, enabling architects to design the best possible office environments. So Ecophon turned to W with the need to make their concept “Sound of nature” come to life – through the creation of a unique verbal and visual expression of the concept.



The Solution

With the target group in mind, W created a new visual look and feel for the material produced in the office promotional campaign. We created a magazine, totally redesigned family brochures in the new look and feel, developed web banners, web texts, ads etc. By focusing less on the technical aspects of the product, the newly designed materials were more inspiring and eye catching. This was achieved by creating a more dynamic layout that enabled the text, images, and graphics to work better together. The campaign was presented in an internal interactive launch presentation built in order to present all the initiatives in the campaign, for a successful global launch.


Final Result

Not only was the result a very appealing and inspiring campaign, the design created for this campaign was so well received that it will be used to define Ecophon’s visual identity moving forward.


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One of the missions with this project was to strengthen our position as a premium brand and dare to stand out from the competition. W was able to help us do just that, with the new design they challenged us to step outside of our comfort zone – we are very happy with the result and have received very nice feedback from colleagues and customers.
Stefan Malmborg
Communication Manager


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