Disseminating educational material to target customers

Creating space for knowledge. As a global leader, Sandvik has an extensive industry experience which they want to share. See how W supported.

Our Challenge

Sandvik is a global leader in the development of rock processing applications. Over the years Sandvik has gained extensive experience and knowledge within this industry. By making this knowledge available to the market they want to support customers in making the right decisions when developing their business. Sandvik therefore asked W to develop a plan to disseminate educational and inspirational material to their target customers.


The Solution

This challenge is not something that is solved through some quick actions, it requires a long-term development process. Together with Sandvik, W developed a plan on how to create relevant content for the business-critical area of Crushing and Screening. The Sandvik website did not have a natural home for all the content we planned to develop, and so an important part of the project was identifying an area. The solution was the creation of a completely new section called “The Knowledge Hub”. Here we could integrate both knowledge and inspiration, and to drive the traffic to this section we published targeted content on Social Media channels.

Final Result

Until today we have created 33 different articles and social media posts filled with knowledge around three different main topics:

  • Crushing Chambers
  • Maintenance and support
  • Screening Solutions

and there will be lots more to come. Of course you can discover all the content here


W has done a great job in making sure that valuable knowledge now is accessible to our customers and everyone else who is interested in the world of Crushing & Screening. It has been a successful step in making our website more inspirational and not too product and feature based.
Magnus A Holst
Marketing Manager


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