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Geo-energy experts Malmberg, came to W for help on how to present Malmberg EnerGeo. See how W supported Malmberg!

Our Challenge

Geo-energy experts Malmberg, who has been in the business since the 1980’s and today has over 100 geo-energy projects, came to W for help on how to present Malmberg EnerGeo; a prefabricated solution that is to be docked on energy wells and real estate’s heating and cooling system. Malmberg EnerGeo has been sold on the Swedish market for a few years, but how could we make the solution more well-known, as well as introducing it onto new markets? We all know the environmental benefits of choosing energy from a renewal source, but how could we communicate what makes Malmberg’s solution unique, in an understandable and captivating way?


The Solution

Since the geo-energy process can be perceived as rather complicated, we wanted to make the communication as simple as Malmberg’s EnerGeo solution itself – which basically is to just plug in. With energy coming from a renewal source, it keeps generating natural heat at a lower cost – hence the concept “Plug and play…and play…and play”. To present the concept in an easy and visually appealing way, we created a film that showcased the benefits of Malmberg EnerGeo and how the solution works together with images from the installation process. With visuals inspired by a mix of architectural sketches and technical drawings accompanied with water colors to symbolize the warmth and the heat from the ground, it was quite different from Malmberg’s normal style as well as the competitors within the geo-energy field. This made Malmberg’s solution stand out in a positive and inspiring way.



Final Result

With a straight-forward, easy to understand verbal and visual concept presenting Malmberg EnerGeo in a film, a campaign site and a leave-behind, Malmberg can now promote their smart solution in many ways, making sure that the customer gets exactly the information and material needed.


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W really got into our case and found a perfect solution for us, both regarding content and the visuals. They stand up for their motto – Turning complexity into clarity.
Anders Månsson
Marketing and Communication Director


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