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Imagine a life-threatening disease that is so rare, some physicians are not even aware of it. See how W supported Amicus in increasing awareness.

Our Challenge

Due to the low prevalence of Fabry disease, the condition is defined as a rare disease and as result of this, the condition is often undiagnosed. As the disease is commonly associated with cardiovascular complications, Amicus Therapeutics wanted to increase the awareness of the condition amongst cardiologists. Enabling these physicians to identify and refer patients that they suspect might have Fabry disease for further screening & diagnosis at a specialist center.

The Solution

To increase the awareness of Fabry disease amongst cardiologists, W developed and designed a web banner that was published in several online medical journals aimed at this target audience. The web banner encouraged cardiologists to click on the web banner so that they could view a Fabry disease awareness film created by W. The film included a cardiology opinion leader talking about Fabry disease and how to screen and diagnose for the condition. By increasing the awareness of Fabry disease through this activity, it is hoped that more patients suspected of having Fabry disease will be diagnosed, so that they can receive the appropriate treatment.


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Final Result

Each web banner was placed for a specific amount of time in each online medical journal. After analyzing the Click Through Rates (CTR) for the web banners in each of the online publications, all web banners performed significantly better than the average CTR for the respective online journal. The average CTR for the Fabry disease awareness web banner was approximately 4 -5 times higher than the average CTR for other web banners placed in the same journals.


We chose W because of their significant understanding of using targeted web banners to drive traffic to important information aimed at Healthcare Professionals. With Fabry disease often being undiagnosed due to heterogenous symptom presentation and its extremely low prevalence in the general population. We needed an agency that could create a visually impactful web banner to drive cardiologists to view a Fabry disease awareness film, that was also developed in collaboration with W. We are extremely happy with the results, with the web banners achieving a significantly higher click through rate than other web banners placed in the same journal
Pontus Salomonson
Commercial Director


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