Fluidcrystal® mode of action film

Explore how W helped Camurus to develop a beautiful film to explain the complex technology of Fluidcrystal®.

Our Challenge

Camurus FluidCrystal® injection depot technology consists of a lipid-based liquid with a dissolved active pharmaceutical ingredient. When injected, the active pharmaceutical ingredient is slowly released into the body at a controlled rate – extending the treatment period from days to months and thereby reducing the number of self-injections necessary. To ensure that the key benefits of the FluidCrystal are easily understood in all markets where it is available, Camurus asked W to support in the adaptation of the FluidCrystal® injection depot mode of action film.


The Solution

By working closely with the Camurus global and affiliate marketing teams, W ensured that local regulatory and language issues were addressed for each, specific market. We then adapted and edited the film, from creating new voiceover recordings to updating the abbreviated SMPC text.


Final Result

Thanks to W’s deep understanding of the pharmaceutical regulatory requirements for promoting a prescription-only medicine, we were able to work quickly and reliably. Now all Camurus customers, regardless of market, are able to consistently experience the Camurus FluidCrystal® injection depot technology.


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